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About us

  • EVEREADY East Africa PLC (the “Company” or “EVEREADY”) is a public limited liability Company incorporated in Kenya. The Company has two fully owned subsidiaries, Flamingo Properties Uganda Limited and Flamingo Properties Limited (altogether referred to as the “Group”). The Company is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and was founded in 1967.

    The Company is the largest supplier of portable power solutions in East Africa. This together with one of the best distribution systems in East Africa and world class brands has ensured the Company long term success. Continued product expansion and keen desire to understand what the consumer expects and what the competitors are doing has remained the priority areas for our Company.

    EVEREADY’s heritage is also tied to employee dedication and team work.

    The Company distributes dry cells size ‘D’ ‘AA’ ‘AAA’ ‘9V’ and ‘C’ carbon zinc primary batteries and alkaline batteries throughout the East Africa region and also provides flashlights for a broad spectrum of usage. The Company has also recently introduced the TURBO® brand of automotive batteries, the EVEREADY range of bulbs and now the CLOROX® brand of household bleach. Our products are recognized for their distinct quality.

    EVEREADY has an extensive network of associates and distributors whose support for its business in East Africa forms a far reaching network to ensure that the Company meets the portable power and cleaning requirements of people in East Africa.

  • Our Mission
    To profitably meet customer needs through the best use of available resources.

    Our Vision
    To be the partner of choice within the region in the provision of lifestyle solutions

    Our Values
    » Passion
    » Integrity
    » Respect
    » Teamwork
    » Initiative

  • We are very proud of being a part of the East African business community.

    We are striving to sustain and build on the success which we have enjoyed since EVEREADY was incorporated in 1967.

    Our products are used daily by millions in East Africa and your satisfaction is a key concern of all who work with us. Our products have the proven value and trusted quality you expect from EVEREADY.

    Our colleagues strive daily to give you the best products for your portable power needs and personal grooming requirements.

    We thank you for using our products and welcome any feedback you may have about our products, our people or our Company. Our goal each day is to improve in all that we do.

    Jackson Mutua, Managing Director

    Mr. Jackson K. Mutua

  • BODBgrndWIF

  • From Left:  Wilson Gachau – Head of Finance, Margaret Odhiambo – H/O Corporate Services, Jackson K. Mutua – Managing Director, Noah Ochanda – Supply Chain Manager, Michael Mwangi – Sales Operations Manager.

  • EVEREADY is committed to doing what is right and we expect our colleagues, customers, shareholders and business partners to do the same thing.

    Conducting business ethically, with integrity and transparency, is one of the hallmarks of our culture and complying with the letter and spirit of the law is something we do not take lightly. We are unwavering in our commitment to protecting our culture and supporting our core values and guiding principles.

    Insider Trading Rules
    Business Practices & Standards of Conduct
    Non Harassment and Retaliation Policies
    Compliance Questionnaire

  • The Board has overall responsibility to shareholders for the management of the Company. A clearly documented Directors` Code of Business Conduct guides the Board in the discharge of its functions. Decisions on operational matters are delegated to senior management and the Board receives presentations from the managers on specific issues. The Chairman of the Board meets separately with the Managing Director regularly and other informal meetings and discussions take place between directors as appropriate. The Board has four (4) scheduled meetings per annum and meetings may be convened at other times as and when necessary.

    The Board is assisted in the discharge of its duties by 3 committees which are guided by clear times and reference, namely,

    – Finance & Risk Committee.
    – Audit Committee.
    – Remuneration & Nominations Committee.

    The Company places a great deal of importance on communication with its shareholders and the financial markets in general and issues notices in the press of its half yearly and yearly financial results. The Group publishes its Annual Report and Accounts which are distributed to all shareholders and on request to other parties who have an interest in the Company`s performance. Shareholders also have direct access to the Company and management responds on an on-going basis to letters from shareholders and interested parties on many issues. Communication with shareholders also takes place via the Company’s website

    Corporate Governance Statement

    Directors’ Code of Business Conduct

    Board Charter

  • Environment
    EVEREADY is focused on doing what is right for the environment because what is good for the environment is good for our business.

    Environmental management is a key part of our business planning and is fully integrated into our structure. We are working to conserve energy, reduce waste and address key issues like air and water quality

    Social Responsibility
    At EVEREADY, we believe we should make positive contributions to communities by embracing our responsibility to people and to the community in which we do business.

    With a particular focus on the needs of children and women, Eveready is committed to supporting the communities where we live and work in through gifts, in-kind donations and community outreach programs