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  • Below are key EVEREADY East Africa PLC financial dates for FY 2017:

    Half Year Results May, 2017*
    Fiscal Year End September 30, 2017*
    End Year Results Announcement January, 2017*
    Annual General Meeting 28 March 2017*
    *Please note that the dates are draft until confirmed.

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  • What should I do if I wish to transfer my shares to someone else?

    Please contact your Stockbroker.

    What should I do if I have changed my name?

    Provide the Registrar with the following documents:
    Photocopy of marriage Certificate and/or Deed Poll and original for sighting Original Sworn affidavit in case of change of family name.

    Can I sell shares that are in my children’s names?

    Legally, a child under 18 years of age may not have shares registered in their own name. Usually, if shares are purchased on behalf of a child, they are registered in the name of a guardian who is free to deal on the shares on behalf of the child.

    What should I do if I cannot locate my share certificate?

    If a share certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, notify the Registrar immediately so that a “caution” can be placed on our records to prevent transfer of ownership to another person. In order to replace your certificate(s),

    – You need to execute an indemnity form at your expense to protect all parties against the possibility that the lost certificate might return to circulation. – Also you are expected to obtain a sworn affidavit showing loss to the certificate.

    I have several share certificates of a particular company. Can I make them one?

    Yes. You need to send the share certificates to the Registrar with a covering letter explaining your request. The Registrar will then issue you with a single share certificate representing the total number of shares you own.

    I have not received my Share Certificate, what should I do?

    Please contact the Registrar in writing. Perhaps the share certificate has been returned unclaimed.

    What are Share certificates?

    These are evidence of your ownership of the shares and represent your interest in the company.

    What are the key rights of a shareholder?

    Shareholders have the right to receive dividends (if payable), to receive key company information (such as Annual Reports/Accounts), to attend Annual General Meetings or Extra-ordinary General Meetings and to Vote and be voted for on certain affairs of the company.

    I receive multiple sets of Annual Reports/Accounts. Why is this and what should I do?

    If shares are bought at different times, the registration details given to the Registrar may differ slightly on each occasion. This can result in the Registrar opening additional shareholder accounts for you. If the names are the same, Please write to the Registrar requesting us to consolidate or merge your shareholder accounts. Note to indicate the various account numbers and your signature must be duly signed.

    What happens if I lose my dividend warrant?

    If you lose your dividend warrant you should contact Image Registrars as soon as possible, confirming where payment has been lost. We will arrange for the warrant to be stopped and issue you with a duplicate free of charge. However, upon recovery you are expected to return the original one to the Registrar.

    I have found an old uncashed dividend warrant. What can I do?

    Dividend warrants are currently valid for six months from the date of payment. After this time you should return any uncashed warrant to Image Registrars for revalidation free of charge.

    My dividend warrant is out of date and is now invalid. What should I do?

    Please contact the Registrar to have it re-evaluated. Please note that dividend warrants are valid for six months from the date of issue.

    I have not received my dividend. What should I do?

    Please contact the Registrar immediately either in writing or in person.

    What is meant by ‘Ex Dividend’ and ‘Cum Dividend’?

    Prior to announcing year-end results of companies, dates are set out for the Closure of Register of members for the purpose of payment of dividend and issue of scrip popularly known as ‘Bonus’. These dates will determine the qualification for dividends and scrips.
    Hence, “cum div” or “cum scrip” means purchases before the Closure of Register will be entitled to all the benefits payable on the investment while “ex div” or “ex scrip” means purchases made after the entitlements were declared.

    Conversely, if you sell your shares before the Closure of Register, you sold so to say “cum div” and “cum scrip” and hence you will not enjoy the dividend or scrip to be issued at the coming AGM. The reverse is the case when you sell your share “Ex Div” and Ex Scrip”

    What are dividends?

    Dividends are payments out of operating profits by a company to shareholders and are paid net of withholding tax (Currently 5%). It may be paid once a year (final dividend) or twice a year (interim & final dividend). We however, have cases when dividends are paid three times. (1st Interim, 2nd Interim & Final).

    How can I find out how many shares I hold?

    You can determine the number of shares you hold by adding up all your share certificates and holdings in CDSC, referring to your recent dividend warrant, or by contacting Image Registrars.

    Can I have my dividend paid directly into my bank account?

    If you hold a CDSC Account, Please update your dividend payment details at the CDSC through your Stockbroker or Custodian bank. However if you hold a share certificate, please update your dividend payment details at Image Registrars, Transnational Plaza,8th Flr,Mama Ngina Street.P.O.Box 9287-00100 GPO NAIROBI.

    What do I do if I need to change my address?

    If you hold a CDSC Account, Please update your address details at the CDSC through your Stockbroker or Custodian bank. However if you hold a share certificate, please update your address details at Image Registrars, Transnational Plaza,8th Flr, Mama Ngina Street.P.O.Box 9287-00100 GPO NAIROBI. You should notify Image Registrars in writing of both your old and new address and, if possible your share account number.
    When coming in person remember to carry your identification.
    When writing a letter ensure that it is duly signed.

    When will the dividend be paid and how do we expect to receive it?

    Dividend cheques will be released on 30th May 2008. EFT’s will be effected for all shareholders who indicated on their application forms, or in their CDS account opening instructions that payments be done straight to their bank accounts. All shareholders are advised to ensure that the correct details have been supplied through their CDA’s in order for their bank payments and Cheques to be correctly posted.

    I received a share certificate even though I wanted my shares deposited in the CDS. What should I do?

    Contact one of the Central Depository Agents (All Stockbrokers, KCB, NBK,BBK, STANBIC, CO-OP BANK and Equity Bank) with your share certificate and national ID. You will then be guided on the immobilization process