Lead Acid Car Batteries


Available in: N40 Series | N70 Series

Uses Lead – Antimony alloy grid that ensures good adherence between grid and paste for longer life over rough terrains.

The Battery has plates of higher thickness that offers a much lower rate of corrosion and ensures longer life with good maintenance.

The Battery is dry-charged, thus can be stored for a longer time before filling with acid and assures longer shelf life before filling.  See our range

Product Features & Benefits

  • Type – Lead Acid Battery

    Sizes – N40, N40L, N40SL, N70, NS70L

    Voltage -12V

    Advantages – Lower Rates of Corrosion, Efficient and More Reliable.


    • The Battery is Dry Charged
    • Uses Lead Antimony Alloy in Grid
    • Has Higher Thickness of Plates
    • The Internal Plates and Formulas are of High Quality Materials

    • Lower Rates of Corrosion
    • Effecient and More Reliable
    • Longer Life if Maintained Correctly
    • Better Performance and Long Service Life that Gives Value for Money

    • Available in All Our Authorized Dealers and Stores Country Wide