MF (Maintenance Free) Battery

MF (Maintenance Free) Batteries

Available in: N40 Series | N70 Series

Uses Lead – Calcium expanded grid technology which is strong, more resistant. to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water consumption and self-discharge all of which shorten battery life in conventional lead acid batteries. Turbo plus MF batteries therefore have much longer life than most conventional batteries in the market.

The batteries are perfectly sealed to prevent acid/electrolyte/water leakage or loss and therefore do not require addition of battery water hence they are maintenance-free.

The batteries are designed to provide high cranking performance upon starting hence able to start engines for more cycles, hence longer service life. The batteries are designed to fit both cold and tropical climates, thus your journey is assured across all climatic conditions.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Type – MF (Maintenance Free) Battery

    Sizes – N40SL, NS40SL, NS70, N70

    Voltage -12V

    Advantages – Instantly Ready to Use, Highly Efficient and Durable, No Acid/Electrolyte/Water Leakage or Loss, More Consistent Power and Long Lasting.


    • The Battery is Fill, Charged and Perfectly Sealed
    • The Battery Has a Magic Eye
    • Uses Lead – Calcium Expanded Grid Technology

    • Strong, More Resistant to Corrosion, Overcharging, Gassing Water Consumption and Self-Discharge
    • Effecient and More Durable
    • No Acid/Electrolyte/Water Leakage or Loss
    • Allows for the Monitoring of the Battery`s Functional Condition
    • More Consistent Power and Long Lasting Battery
    • Impacts Confidence

    • Available in All Our Authorized Dealers and Stores Country Wide