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Available in: Lead Acid | (MF) Maintenance Free | Battery Water | Battery Acid

Our Turbo range gives you low maintenance batteries which are available in a wide range to suit all types of motor vehicles, from small cars to large trucks.

Use with our Turbo water and acid product for great results. See our range


  • Type – Lead Acid Battery

    Sizes – N40, N40L, N40SL, N70, NS70L

    Voltage -12V

    Advantages – Lower Rates of Corrosion, Efficient and More Reliable.


  • Type – MF (Maintenance Free)

    Sizes –  N40SL, NS40SL, NS70, N70

    Voltage -12V

    Advantages – Instantly Ready to Use, Highly Efficient and Durable, No Acid/Electrolyte/Water Leakage or Loss, More Consistent Power and Long Lasting



  • Type – Turbo Battery Water

    Size – 1 Litre

    Application – Turbo Lead Acid Batteries.

  • Type – Turbo battery acid

    Size – 1 Litre

    Application – Turbo Lead Acid Batteries.